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Sal Blydenburgh, Unit Commander
contact at (541)479-6925

Sal Blydenburgh is the Unit Commander of Camp White Young Marines.
Sal Blydenburgh is a father of 5 children and 4 grandchildren, He moved from California to Grants Pass, Oregon in 1992.
Since he was about 20 years old he has always volunteered for Youth programs and activities. In California he coached Little League and Hosted a childrens radio show where he attended childrens schools to record them or invited them to the station. Once moved to Oregon he again coached Little League and has volunteered for the Young Marines program since 1999.
One thing you will always here Unit Commander Blydenburgh say is
"I have never seen a bad kid yet"!!

Anne Greene, Executive Officer
contact at (541)773-5198

Anne Greene is our Executive Officer/Female Staff Advisor. Mrs. Greene has 4 children. She from the Jackson County Sheriff's Department. Mrs. Greene became involved in the program in 2001 when her youngest son joined the program. Although she no longer has a child in the program she continues her support for the Young Marines.
The thing that comes to mind that we always hear Mrs. Greene say to a child is:
"Don't give up, you have to just keep trying - you're doing great and I am proud of you"!!

Tammy Byrns, Adjutant


Tammy Byrns has been with the Young Marine program since 1999. Tammy Byrns is responsible for registration of all staff and Young Marines and maintaining the Young Marine and unit records.

Jesse Harper, Training Officer

contact at (541)816-8048

Jesse Harper has been with the program since 2013 when his oldest child became a Young Marine. His a devoted husband and father of two. Jesse Harper handles scheduling and implementing all training as set forth by the Young Marines and ensures that our Young Marines get the most out of the program.  

Sara Boettcher, Quartermaster


Sara Boettcher has been with the program since 2009 when her youngest son joined the program. Sara Boettcher is responsible for ordering and issuing of all gear and maintenance of equipment inventory. 



Delinda Atkinson, Activities Director


Delinda Atkindson has been with the program since 2014 when her 2 sons joined the program. She is responsible for coordinating parent support of activities involving set up, meal preparation and serving for graduation, Veterans Appreciation Day, Camping Trips, BBQ's, etc.



Melanie Harper, Fundraising


Melanie Harper has been with the program since 2013. She is married and devoted to her 2 children and is an amazing support for all youth in her work, her personal life and the Young Marines. Melanie Harper is responsible for handling all fundraising activities. All monies for the Young Marine program are earned through fundraising, without Melanie Harper and the support of the community and parents we would not have a program. Please support her by getting involved!

Paul Boettcher, Support Staff/Training

Paul Boettcher has been with the program since 2009 and assists with training and all activities. He is an all around dependable and positive support to the program.


Ron Walch, Support Staff/Photographer

Ron Walch has been with the program since 2013. Ron Walch has been our amazing photographer and is an amazing support for making sure our youth stay safe.


Bob Greene, Support Staff/Cold Weather Training

Bob Greene has been with the program since 2002 and specializing in outdoor cold weather training for our Young Marines.


Al Inlow, CWYM & SORCC Liaison 

Al Inlow has been with the program since 2003 and handles all coordinating between the Camp White Young Marines and the VA Domiciliary. He is responsible for making sure we have a training facility.


Ryan Greene, Support Staff

Ryan Greene joined the Young Marine program in 2001, he graduated the program and joined the Marine Corps reserves while also attending college. He registered to become staff shortly after graduating high school and still believes in the success of the program.